Our Bakery

The Bakery

BreadWorks is a home bakery business that sells freshly baked goods to the Morrison Taichung community with hopes of expanding to those outside the Morrison community. As BreadWorks is a Capstone project, the members hope to acquire basic entrepreneurship skills through running a business-like operation, gain experience working with other people in a professional relationship, and learn how to communicate effectively. We hope to solidify and pursue our individual passions in a more realistic setting so as to gain more insight into how we can work in professions we are enthusiastic about. Because we are Christ followers, we also hope to attain more knowledge about building a Christian business to give back to God through allocating all our profits to Pregnancy Support Center (PSC), one of the few crisis center for pregnant women in Taiwan. At the end of the day, BreadWorks seeks to bring just a little bit of blessing and joy into people’s daily lives through every delicious bite.

Our Mission

BreadWorks' mission is to support the Pregnancy Support Center (PSC), co-founded by Mrs. Gloria Hsu, wife to our high school counselor. Their hope is to support girls and women who are facing unplanned pregnancies in order to help them out of any crises they might be facing. They want to "meet the needs of pregnant women in crisis, as well as to care for their unborn children, and orphans," offering emotional, physical, and financial aid to them. The organization is non-profit and relies entirely on the provision of God and donations to operate. BreadWorks' motto, "Bread for Life," reflects the heart behind the business: all BreadWorks profit, at the end of the May 2020, will be donated to PSC in hopes that they will be able to continue with their ministry.


Our Team

Abby Yip

Ever since a young age, Abby knew that she would go into the field of business in the future. In the middle of her junior year, it became clear to her that she would like to specialize in people management specifically as God has given her the blessing & calling to be in a position of influence and lead others. She has also grown to develop a deeply-rooted love for cooking & baking and have been seriously considering taking her business studies into the food industry post-education.

Samuel Henry

With a creative mind filled with ideas and passions, Sam wants to find out which ones are attainable and which ones are just dreams. While living in mainland China prior to moving to Taiwan, he had the exciting opportunity of starting a bakery business. Through that experience, he learned how to managing money, keeping records, time management, dealing with customers, and even how to bake.  He hopes to build on that experience. He is seeking to learn new things that he is good at (like baking and business), to see what he would want to do as a career. He hopes to learn new ways of operating, as well as giving him the opportunity to contribute what he has already learned.

Benjamin Huteson

Ben has always had a passion for photography and technology, so for BreadWorks, he will be filling in the role of anything dealing with media including advertising, websites, product photography and videography. This gives him a chance to really dive into his passions and opportunities to grow.

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